Belt Monitoring

Conti®Alert is the first and only conveyor belt innovation to let you see belt wear in real time. The red bonding layer below the top cover is exposed when it's time to change the belt, creating

Cost savings

  • Identifying belt wear allows you to get the most out of your current belt. Knowing when to change your belt helps prevent downtime and increase uptime.


  • In conjunction with our Conti®Alert calculator, customers can enter their current belt life data and determine how much time is remaining before the carcass is exposed. This is an estimate and may not in fact determine each customer's actual experience.
ContiAlert calculator

Offered as part of the introduction of Conti®Alert, customers using the Conti®Alert Calculator can enter their data and calculate the time remaining before the carcass is exposed.


Conti®Alert is available in our abrasion-resistant lineup of ContiTech Select Conveyor Belt specs and compounds:

Belt Specs

  • Plylon Plus 250/2, 375/3, 500/4, and 600/3 with a minimum 3/16" x1/16" to a maximum of 3/8" x1/8" covers

Abrasion-resistant compound specs

  • Defender Plus®, Stacker®, Survivor® and Survivor® Plus